Parents are role models for their children and this role does not diminish as they go through the divorce process.   Lessons are taught regarding how to handle stress.  Parents can teach children to be combative and adversarial and let strangers make decisions for them, or parents can teach children to be civil, to communicate, to cooperate and to solve problems rather than make problems worse.  It is a choice.  Collaborative divorce is a positive choice.

Mary Fitzgerald, District Judge presiding over Tulsa County Family Courts

Others Believe Divorce Can Be Done Better:


DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #1:

The first reason to “Don’t Fight About It” is for the kids. Research tells us that kids survive divorce when there is less conflict between the parents during the process of a divorce. See the article by Barbara Bartlett, on Parenting Coordination, linked in the “About Us” page.

DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #2:

The second reason to “Don’t Fight About It” is, again, the kids. Yes, it is worth saying again. A no-court divorce is the best way you can keep yourself out of Tulsa Family Law Courts, or whatever court you are in. This preserves the family finances. More money is preserved to support your children and the dreams you have for them.

DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #3:

One last reason to “Don’t Fight About It” is for the kids. In the process of a collaborative divorce you will actually be taught negotiation skills that will advance your ability to co-parent. Children who are given full permission to love both parents. Being able to fully express that love in front of the other parent promotes a healthy, natural parental relationship.

DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #4:

Tulsa Family Law judges would be the first to tell you to “Don’t Fight About It”. They cannot get to know you in the limited amount of a trial. You know what is most important to your future life. A judge knows only to apply “the law” to the divorce case in front of him/her. This is true in Tulsa County or any other county you may be in. Doesn’t it make sense that you and the person you once loved and respected work together to launch yourselves into a post-divorce life. Collaborative law can help you do that.

DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #5:

When you “Don’t Fight About It”, the divorce can move at your own pace. You do not have a Tulsa County Judge requiring that you go fast, nor do you have to deal with Tulsa County dockets which can sometimes leave your divorce lingering for two (2) years. The collaborative, mediation or hybrid process lets you set your own pace.

DontFightAboutIt.com Reason #6:

When you “Don’t Fight About It”, you will put values in their proper perspective. Rather than being dollars and cents on a property division page, like a Tulsa County judge is required to do in every divorce, you can put a value on peace. The collaborative practice provides giving more, or getting more, whatever seems right to you and your spouse’s value system.

I hope you have found this DontFightAboutIt.com website helpful. Don’t Fight About It. Use the collaborative process, the mediation process, or the hybrid process.