Staying Together Because of Your Debt?
May 22, 2009 9:15pm

With the economy leaving everyone worried about their financial stability, it makes it even harder to make the decsion to divorce.  What are your options?


Have you thought about staying in your home.  Are you a couple who could call a truce to your differences, and simply work out an agreement that lets you share the home? 


It could just be a temporary arrangement until bills get paid off, or the house gets sold. 

A written agreement that is clear as to the sharing of expenses and tasks is preferable.  The more detailed you are, the less misunderstandings there will be. 


Of course the social implications are important to consider.  Understanding and abiding by the rules of having others over, especially dates, is critical.  A common message to tell family, friends and co-workers is helpful.


If you have children, give special consideration to such an arrangement.  Will this confuse them?  Give them false hope that their parents will stay together?  Keep in mind that it is not divorce that hurts the kids, it is the conflict leading up to the divorce and during the divorce that has the potential for harm.


If you need advice on whether this arrangement will work for you, let us help you.  See the Contact Us page on how to get in touch with us.

Posted by Barbara Bartlett
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