Tulsa Divorce Court Launches New Website
December 17, 2010 12:41am

Tulsa County divorce court was one of the first in the nation to have a
website.  The court has put on an updated and classy look to its web
presence.  The new website has been launched at

Be sure and check out the resource page. It has many useful things including Tulsa area community services.  The forms will be helpful for those representing themselves thru the divorce process, as well as those just needing more information. 


Information is power and a way to relieve anxiety.  So check it out!  

Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Legal help for free
October 24, 2010 1:21pm

You should be aware that Family and Children’s Services offers free legal advice on the following topics:

1.            Legal rights and visitation

2.            Pro se forms (forms for those who don’t have a lawyer)

3.            Mediated agreements

4.            Agreed to orders (something you and your spouse have agreed to, and want to file with the court)

5.            Other child related legal issues. 


It is at the Tulsa West Child Support Services Office.  440 S. Houston, Suite 401.


It is open on the 1st and 3rd Thursday every month form 1 – 4 p.


I am not affiliated with this group, and do not participate in this program.  I just know there are a lot of people who cannot afford legal help, and here is a place you may want to check out.  There may be more information at their website  The location is a government entity that collects child support, but the people who run this free legal service is Family and Children’s Services, a nonprofit United Way agency. 



Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Parents Classes and Conferences in Tulsa County
May 23, 2009 4:09pm

Parents of minor children seeking a divorce in Tulsa County will go through three extra steps in the divorce process.  The following is a list and explanation of each additional step for divorcing families in Tulsa County:


  1. Parenting Plan Conference:    Tulsa County requires that both parents attend the Parenting Plan Conference.   You cannot get a divorce in Tulsa County without attending this conference.  The conference is held in a small Tulsa County courtroom setting before a Tulsa County divorce judge.  During the conference the judge discusses the effects of divorce on minor children.  The Tulsa County judge’s discussion is followed by a short video.  The video gives audio and visual examples of the effects of divorce on children.  At the end of the conference there is a representative from Tulsa County’s Family and Children Services present.  The representative is there to help answer questions you may have about divorce with minor children in Tulsa County. If you are represented by a Tulsa County divorce attorney he/she may appear at that conference with you. 

      If you choose to do your divorce collaboratively, your collaborative team

  will discuss whether this conference shoudl be waived in your case.    Oftern the judges are willing to waive it, knowing that you are working on the same isseus in the process of a collaborative divorce.  The judges know you are getting the message if you go collaborative.



  1. Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar:        This seminar is sponsored by Tulsa County’s Family and Children Services.  Tulsa County requires that all Tulsa County divorcing parents with minor children attend this seminar.  The seminar is four hours.  It focuses on ways to help your child cope with divorce. There is a fee for this Tulsa County seminar and pre-registration is required.  Family and Children’s Service of Tulsa County will issue a certificate of attendance to each parent in attendance.  The certificate is filed and made a part of your divorce record in Tulsa County.  Parents seeking a divorce in Tulsa County cannot get divorced without proof of attendance to this seminar.


  1. Notice of Disclaimer of Interest by DHS:  Tulsa County now requires DHS to state whether they have any interest in all Tulsa County divorce cases with minor children.  The disclaimer is completed by a Tulsa County DHS attorney.  If you file for divorce in Tulsa County and have minor children the disclaimer must be filed before a Tulsa County court can grant your divorce. Tulsa County DHS must approve your divorce decree if they have an interest in your Tulsa County divorce case.  Normally Tulsa County DHS does not have interest in a case unless you receive services or owe them money.


All of these steps are mandatory for parents of minor children who seek a divorce in Tulsa County.  Steps one and two listed above are very insightful and offer a wealth of good advice to divorcing families in Tulsa County.  The focus of both steps one and two above is to help Tulsa County divorcing couples with minor children understand and nurture your child’s needs throughout the divorce process.    

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Choose a Super Lawyer for Collaborative Divorce
May 21, 2009 2:48pm

Perhaps now that you’ve realized the benefits of choosing collaborative divorce, you are looking for a family law expert to handle your Tulsa county divorce, or just someone to speak further with about the benefits of collaborative proceedings for your divorce. In November 2007, Oklahoma magazine highlighted the most elite of this state’s finest lawyers , and Barbara Ann Bartlett was among this recognized group. Only five percent of the total lawyers in Oklahoma were listed as “Super Lawyers”, the name given to this prestigious group of law experts.

Barbara was chosen through a four step, rigorous selection process which included selection by her peers and evaluation based on a number of qualities including experience, pro bono work and community service, and quality of work within their field. So if you choose a collaborative divorce in Tulsa county, choose Barbara Ann Bartlett, one of Oklahoma’s Top 25 family lawyers.

Don’t fight about it. Call Barbara Ann Bartlett to discuss what a collaborative divorce could mean for you.

Posted by Emily Mapes

Tulsa Kids on Tulsa Divorce
May 21, 2009 2:45pm

Tulsa Kids, a leading publication in the Tulsa metro for local families, recently did an article called "Finding Middle Ground in Marriage." This piece highlighted the positive attributes of mediation and collaborative divorce as a means to resolving a marriage in crisis. One of the experts interviewed for this article was Barbara Bartlett.

When a marriage is ending, it is often easy for a couple to throw anger back and forth because they don't know any other way to deal with this huge life change. "(In that case) both sides are feeling wounded and, once one person is bitten, they want to bite back," commented Bartlett. "Couples need permission to deal with one another and put the conflict aside." This is where collaborative divorce comes in to save the day. Meeting with a family attorney specializing in collaborative divorce to solve your divorce qualms is the first step to moving on with your life in a way that is condusive to a positive, conflict-free future.

Don't fight about it. Solve your divorce problems with a collaborative divorce. If you're in the Tulsa County area, call Barbara Bartlett.

Posted by Emily Mapes

Collaborative in Tulsa
May 21, 2009 2:44pm
For collaborative divorces in Tulsa, listen to the Barbara Bartlett sponsorship on KWGS, the local public radio station for Tulsa metro listeners.  A respectful was to dissolve marriages without going to court.  Don't fight about it. 
Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Parenting Coordinators
May 21, 2009 2:43pm

Tulsa County divorcing parents have the possiblity of having a Parenting Coordinator assigned to their case.  Parenting Coordinators are a useful tool for those parents who need a referee to help them make decisions for their children.  See the article in the September 19, 2007 Wall Street Jounal on "A Referee for Mom and Dad" by Rachel Silverman.  I was honored to be quoted in the article for the research I have done on various laws that support this unique intervention into divorce conflict.  It is one way to Dont Fight About It. 

One word of caution I need to say, however, for some Parenting Coordiinaotrs in the Tulsa area.  Many attorneys who are parenting coordinators do not understand the reasoning behind the program.  The process is to reduce conflict.  Conflict is caused when one parent is able to change the status quo.  This is where the process gets overused.  If your Parenting Coordinator is changing the court order as to visitation, custody, or child support without specific limitations from the court, then there may be a problem.  Seek the advice of an attorney. 

Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Families in Transition
November 27, 2007 12:27pm

A good resource for Tulsa County divorces is   It has the divorce judges on the front page.  Hit the link to their picture, and you will get the daily docket for that judge in Tulsa.  If you see your case on the docket, you can press the link of the case name, and see your own case docket sheet. also has a list of mediators, parenting coordinators, custody evaluators, and more.  You will find forms that will assit you in trying to do things yourself, or at least give you information about what your attorney is doing for you. 

If you just need an attorney to put your agreement in writing, please keep me in mind.  I will do that kind of work by just charging by the hour without a retainer. 

Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Divorce in Tulsa County
July 23, 2007 9:28am

Divorce anywhere is a difficult time in someone's life. The people that live in Tulsa County, however, have an advantage if a marriage must be dissolved. Tulsa County has many laws in effect that help protect you, your spouse, and your children through this time of adjustment. To help navigate you through these laws, however, you need an experienced attorney from the Tulsa County area.

Another advantage of living in Tulsa County is the forthcoming of a new, more efficient way of divorce: collaborative. There are many trained attorneys in collaborative law in the Tulsa area that would be happy to help you and your spouse resolve your issues in a respectful, less damaging way.

There are countless questions that arise when the decision is made to end a marriage. Each situation is different. If you live in Tulsa County, choose a collaborative professional to help you with your legal questions.

Don't fight about it. Ask a collaborative professional if this type of divorce is right for you.

Posted by Barbara Bartlett

Tulsa County Collaborative Group
June 1, 2007 2:26pm

At the bottom of every webpage you will see a logo with 4 people sitting around a table.  This is the logo for the Oklahoma Academy of Collaborative Professionals.  Clicking on the logo will take you to our OACP site.  Under the Professional's page, you will find "Tulsa Metro".  This lists all the members of the Tulsa legal community who practice collaborative law.  It is important for both you and your spouse to each pick a Tulsa lawyer from this list to begin the collaborative process. 

Specially trained lawyers work with each other to have a constructive dialogue about divorce settlement.  We keep the fight out of it. 

Don't fight about it. 

Posted by Barbara Bartlett
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