• Hybrid
• Agreements


I offer many ways to resolve disputes. In mediation, I act as a third party and can give neither spouse legal advice. In collaboration, I would represent you and give you legal advice, and your spouse will have his/her own counsel.

There is another alternative that seems to be popular with my clients. I, for lack of a better term, call it a hybrid. Realize ‘hybrid’ is nothing of a term of art, and is not a legal term. It is just a word I use for something I seem to uniquely offer.

Hybrid is when I am hired by one spouse and the other spouse has decided to be unrepresented by counsel, at least initially. Both spouses commit to a full disclosure. They agree to deal in good faith with one another; in other words, to be fair, without tricking or applying undo pressure during settlement negotiations.

We begin by inviting your spouse into a meeting where I will use my collaborative skills to work towards resolution of your issues. We handle it in the same way we do collaboration by:

Setting common goals and interests;
Letting you both be heard;
Giving respect to both points of view;
Gathering all the information you both need to make an informed decision;
Brainstorming the options all together; and
Letting the two of you come up with an agreement.

Neither of you are ever ‘locked’ into any agreement until the final paper work is done and signed. There is always time between meetings and while the paperwork is getting drafted to contemplate your agreement.

Your spouse, at all times, has the right to consult or be represented by counsel. An attorney could be hired at any time they are feeling uncomfortable. We could then switch the process over to a collaborative divorce.

I would urge your spouse to choose a collaboratively trained attorney to advise him/her. Litigation attorneys are geared towards a process where the result is determined by a fight. Both spouses try to win as much as possible in the litigation process. This is counter to the work we do in the hybrid and collaborative setting.

Collaboratively trained attorneys are members of the Oklahoma Academy of Collaborative Professionals. I have a link to that site at the bottom of each of my web pages. Or they can be found at the Professionals link at YourDivorceChoice.com


You have done the hard part if you have come up with an agreement. But the technical part, the writing of the agreement, is not yet done. This is far more important than people realize. The structure of these documents must endure through the rest of your life. This becomes extremely important if you have retirements, real estate, large debts, or children.

Would you build your own house without knowing anything about plumbing, architecture, or building materials? Why risk your assets and future letting a clerk do your divorce? Divorce “kits” have been a disaster. Most of the ones I have seen do not even have the right wording for Oklahoma documents.

You can pay me by the hour to draft your agreement into legal documents. This is called ‘unbundled services’. Again, it is $285/hour. I will require a retainer based upon the work you want me to do. We can discuss this during the 30 minute free consultation. Let me know that you are interested in this option. My experience in family law of over 20 years will assure your documents are done correctly. I also give you a check list on what to do, what court costs to expect, and what things to think about. I have a good reputation in court because I pay attention to detail. I am not as cheap as “Divorce for Less” but I will also do a professional job.