Divorce and You Mediation

Yes, You Do Have Choices

Do you need a divorce in the Tulsa area? Do you hate the idea of an expensive court battle? Does the idea of having your private life becoming public make you fear divorce? Do you know that there are alternatives? Divorce no longer has to be a long, drawn-out bitter fight. It does not have to be expensive. You and your spouse do not have to hate each other afterwards.

I offer the following three respectful methods of resolving your differences and coming to a divorce agreement.

  1. The Collaborative Divorce process. With this approach, you and your spouse are each represented by attorneys who have been trained to resolve disputes. You each will have your own coach who will assist you in processing the divorce. The atmosphere is safe and low conflict. Everyone works together to come to a divorce agreement without ever going to court.
  2. Mediated Divorce settlements. In a mediated divorce, I act as the third party neutral, giving neither of you legal advice. I provide information and structure in which to help you arrive at a settlement. When a divorce settlement is reached, I will prepare your final paperwork. If you feel more comfortable with legal advice, you may come with an attorney, seek legal advice before you come, or have an attorney review the final paperwork before signing.
  3. I refer to my last method as a Hybrid Method of divorce resolution. In this method I would be your attorney. Your spouse may choose to be represented or not. Either way, I use the same skills used in the collaborative and mediated process. These skills keep a constructive discussion going between you and your spouse while we resolve your issues. I do not use strong arm techniques of trickery, threats, or bullying against your spouse. Once the issues are resolved and a settlement is reached, I will prepare your final paperwork.